5 Design Errors Found on Websites

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5 Design Errors Found on Websites

Slow Website Loading Times

Having a slow loading website can be frustrating, and can lead to less traffic visiting your site. If your site relies heavily on e-commerce or advertisements this could result in substantially less revenue being generated by your website.

There are many reasons a website may be slow.

  • A huge spike in Additional Traffic
  • A Dynamic Site without caching
  • Extremely Large or non-optimized graphics
  • Extremely Large or non-optimized database
  • Large amount of calls to external websites (twitter, facebook, youtube, etc…)
  • Connectivity issues

All of these issue fall into three categories: Traffic issues, Site optimization, and configuration issues.

Blurry Photos

Obviously, this results in a lower reputation on your brand and once again, missed customers. Also, it helps you understand that every visual on your website should be crisp and clear, and be of top-quality.

User Experience (UX) Errors

Basically, it is an error that is related to the user experience or how users feel when browsing through your site. It can be a flawed filter, a button that doesn’t work or a link that repeats itself (or leads to a broken site). In cases like this, it is crucial to act fast and have your web designer fix the errors.

A Lack Of Clarity

A common error many web design agencies make is that they design websites without thinking what the business needs to present on them. This results in a completely missed web design, and content that is not balanced well. In examples, it goes from hidden fees and prices to competing links and categories.

Content Written For Search Engines

There are a lot of brands who write content for search engines instead of people. And while blending a few keywords in it seems like a good way to go, you should always think about your customers and their needs first.