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SSL Certificate (Positive)


Installing an SSL Certificate helps keep your customer’s personal information and sensitive data secure, letting your visitors know that your website can be trusted.

12 Months



A Positive SSL Certificate provides a quick cost-effective solution to secure your customer transactions.

More importantly, your customers are assured that it is safe to do business with you because sensitive information is encrypted and remains private.

These certificates come with a padlock and 99.9% browser trust, and are ideal for non-ecommerce sites that require encryption. With Positive SSL Certificates, in minutes you can have a high level of security with the padlock that your customers will look for to verify that your site is secure.

Product Specification

Period: 12 Months
Domains Secured: Single Domain Name (FQDN) and
Validation Required: Domain Validated (DV) SSL Certificate
Issued Instant via email
Encryption Strength: Up to 256-bit encryption
Browser Compatibility: 99.9% Web and Mobile Browser Compatibility
Warranty: $5,000
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