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Installing an SSL Certificate helps keep your customer’s personal information and sensitive data secure, letting your visitors know that your website can be trusted.

Prevent Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks on websites are quite common with a copycat website been created which tricks visitors in to believing they are on your website as they enter login or credit card details.

Build Trust with Visitors

If you want visitors to your website to trust you with their personal information, then an SSL Certificate is a strong signal that you care about ensuring their privacy and protecting their information.

Search Engine Rankings

Google and other large search engines now consider HTTPS to be a major ranking factor when deciding how your website places within search results which is why an SSL Certificate is important for website.


The last thing your website visitors want to see is a Not Secure security warning!

Secure Your Website With An SSL Certificate

  • Positive SSL
    • $ 60 12 Months
      • Positive SSL Certificates are the most cost effective certificates that provide the encryption for sensitive information on your website with the trusted padlock secure symbol.
      • $5,000 Warranty
      • Single Domain
      • 265 bit Encryption
      • Domain Validation

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  • Premium SSL
    • $ 80 12 Months
      • Premium SSL Certificates offers an unbelievable combination of encryption and trust for your website, so customers will know that your website is safe to do business with.
      • $250,000 Warranty
      • Single Domains
      • 265 bit Encryption
      • Organisation Validation

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  • Wildcard SSL
    • $ 199 12 Months
      • The ultimate solution to help protect your business website and keep your customer’s data secure with powerful encryption and a robust verification process.
      • $50,000 Warranty
      • Unlimited Sub Domains
      • 265 bit Encryption
      • Organisation Validation

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More SSL Certificates Configurations are available